Ling is a deep-sea Fish found in Depths between 60 an 1000 metres, and is most common at 300-400 metres. Only juveniles are found in waters less than 100 metres deep. The ling is caught all year round, and is found on rock bottom or on sand bottom with large rocks in warm areas, at the Continental shelf, at the banks, and in the fjords from Biscaya to Island. Main spawning areas are the North Sea, at Storegga, by the Faroe Islands, the Fishing banks west of the British Islands and Southwest of Iceland.
The ling is mainly caught by line and gilnet, but also some by bottom trawl.
Ling appears to be a cross bewteen a cod and a conger eel and is a delicious Food Fish. It is sold fresh, frozen and dried and salted (Klipfish). Roe is an important by product in the roe season.
Ling is an excellent Source of protein and also contains plenty of selenium, Calcium and magnesium.

Frozen at sea

–  N-cut, collarbone on
Sizes: – 2 kg, 2 kg +, 2-4 kg, 4 kg +
Other size grading can be arranged according to buyers request
Packing: Frozen in vertical blocks, and packed in superbags (standard) or in cartons with inner polybags. Random weight blocks: 1/2 blocks approx. 20-25
Catching method: Longline (mainly), gilnet, trawl

Whole -> A-quality
Industrial/broken -> B-quality